• Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder
  • Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder
  • Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder
  • Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder

Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder

  • Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder
  • Botanical Name:Solanum Tuberdsm
  • Mesh:80mesh
  • Ratio:10:1
  • Origin:China
  • FDA
  • ISO
  • GMP
  • Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder The Purple sweet potato juice powder is spray dried from sweet potato concentrated juice, it’s rich in dietary fiber, anthocyanins and selenium,also it contains lysine,potassium ,manganese zinc, carotene,and 9 kinds of amino acid. The purple sweet potato is an ideal health food for our human body,it’s effective for lower blood pressure and blood fat.
  • Purple Sweet Potato Juice powderAlso we have Purple sweet potato powder which produced by advanced high temperature instant drying technology to derive the products through the process of washing, peeling, sorting, slicing, rinsing, pre-cooked, cooling, cooking and smashing. As the processing minimizes damage of the purple sweet potato cell, the free starch of it is in the low content. Hence the full starch keeps a low viscosity in boiling water, with a unique purple sweet potatoes flavor, nutrition, color and texture.The Purple sweet potato powder can be widely used in food industries, particularly has a very broad market prospects in the development and processing of high-end features pastries, specialty pasta, beverages, prepared foods, cold foods, meat, jams, dairy products, snack foods, fillings and other products. It has a special role in enriching the color as well as increasing the health function. Based on the maintaining of all the health-care function of purple sweet potato, the full starch keeps it original taste.

Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder

Appearance:Purple fine powder

Source:Purple Sweet Concentrated Juice



Dry method:Spray drying

Soluble:Water soluble

No any preservatives and sugar

Purple Sweet Potato Juice powder is widely used in solid beverage,baked food,Health Food,snack foods ,cake,Ice cream ,formula powdered and different flavors of milk tea.

Packing:By 20kg/carton or 25kgs /Fiber drum,inner by double plastic bag or aluminium foil bag.

Storage:Sealed stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.

Shelf life:24months under proper storage.


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