• Gardenia Yellow
  • Gardenia Yellow
  • Gardenia Yellow
  • Gardenia Yellow

Gardenia Yellow

  • Appearance:Yellow to Yellow brown fine powder
  • Color Value: 30-500 (1%,1cm,440+/-5nm)
  • Grade: Food Grade
  • Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides Ellis
  • Mesh Size: 80mesh
  • FDA
  • ISO
  • GMP
  • Gardenia Yellow Gardenia yellow powder is pure natural water soluble food colorant,it’s extracted from the Gardenia fruit ( Gardenia jasminoides Ellis )which mainly contain of crocin and crocetin.
  • Gardenia Yellow Gardenia yellow powder is inherent fragrance,strong color,light and heat good resistance at PH 4.0-6.0,It’s widely used in food colorant.

Appearance: Yellow to Yellow brown powder

Color Value: 30-500(1%,1cm,440+/-5nm)

Solubility: Good soluble in water and alcohol solution,acetone and oil insoluble.

Stability: Good resistance to light and temperature at PH4.0-10.0

The Gardenia yellow can be widely used in neutral or faintly alkalic foods,such as noodles,cereal products,cocoa products,chocolates,cakes,jelly,puffed food,canned nuts & seeds, fried nuts and seeds,salted vegetable,biscuit, cooked meat,seasonings ,frozen drinks and solid beverages.

Packing:By 20kgs/Fiber drum,inner by aluminium foil bag.

Storage:Sealed,avoid light,stored in cool and dry place

Shelf life: 2Years when properly stored.


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