• Purple Sweet Potato Color
  • Purple Sweet Potato Color
  • Purple Sweet Potato Color
  • Purple Sweet Potato Color

Purple Sweet Potato Color

  • Appearance: Red to purple red fine powder
  • Color Value:30-80 (1%,1cm,530±5nm)
  • Grade: Food Grade
  • Mesh Size: 80mesh
  • FDA
  • ISO
  • GMP
  • Purple Sweet Potato Color Purple Sweet Potato Color is natural pure red colorant extracted from purple root tuber of edible purple sweet potato(lpomoea batatas),It mainly contains of anthocyanin which belongs to Cyanidin .
  • Purple Sweet Potato Color Process from raw material checking,slicing,extracting,filtering,purifying,concentrating,sterilizing,then spray drying.
  • Purple Sweet Potato color powder is red to purple red powder with the characteristic odor of sweet potato,It’s good soluble in water and alcohol,not soluble in acetone and oil.The color of water solution changes if different PH Value.It’s red or purple red in PH 2-6,if PH>6,the solution color is blue.It’s good resistance to high temperature and light in an acidic medium.

Appearance: Red to purple red powder

Color Value: 30-80 (1%,1cm,530±5nm)

Solubility: Good soluble in water and alcohol solution,acetone and oil insoluble.

Stability: Good resistance to light and temperature at PH2.0-6.0

Purple Sweet Potato color can be widely used in wine,beverage,tea drinks,candy,noodles, and cakes

Packing:By 20kgs /Fiber drum,inner by aluminium foil bag.

Storage:Sealed,avoid light,stored in cool and dry place

Shelf life: 2Years when properly stored.


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