• Goji Berry (Organic & Conventional )
  • Goji Berry (Organic & Conventional )
  • Goji Berry (Organic & Conventional )
  • Goji Berry (Organic & Conventional )

Goji Berry (Organic & Conventional )

  • Grade:Conventional & Organic
  • Appearance: Reddish round fruit
  • Specs:160grains,220grains,280grains,380grains,500grains/50g
  • Type:Natural sun dried
  • EC
  • Goji Berry (Organic & Conventional ) Our Organic Goji berries are selective fresh organic Goji without Pesticide residue from the organic plant base in remote,high lattitude inner Mongolia area, four seasons year around sunshine, makes our goji berry more fruity and healthy.
  • Goji Berry (Organic & Conventional ) Our Organic Goji Berries are full of nutris,high in polysaccharide, enhance human boday immune system,
    Rich in Vitamin C and protein, contains the all 9 amino acid ,which is essential to human, keep eat several goji berries a day, keep you more healthier and younger from the appearance.
    Our organic Goji berries dried by sunshine, free from any pollution from chemical things.

Goji Berry

Product  Name Conventional Goji berry Organic Goji berry
Taste and Smell  Characteristic
Appearance  Reddish round fruit
Size 280granules/50g
Moisture       <13%
SO2       <30
Pesticide Complies with EU Standard Negative

Mainly used as snacks,energy food products, or just eat directly.

Packing:By 20kgs/carton,5kg/bag;By 12.5kgs/carton

Storage:Stored in dry and ventilated environment in original bag,the temperature below on 200C.

Shelf life:12months when properly stored


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